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Stakeholder Communication & Outreach

Listening is the first act of collaboration

As part of our environmental services, we strive to meet any client goals of openness and transparency through robust stakeholder engagement.  Our team is skilled and experienced at communicating complex project information to both large and small stakeholder groups. We recognize the importance of maintaining strong relationships with communities, stakeholders, and NGO’s. Currently, we are working on complex remediation projects where respectful, understandable, open communication with stakeholders is crucial.


We routinely host public information meetings, create stakeholder information websites, newsletters, host site tours, and help facilitate charrette processes.


By investing in stakeholder engagement, clients can expect:

  • Increased trust and credibility

  • Improved public relationships

  • Better understanding of stakeholders’ point of view to more effectively address concerns

  • Clear, helpful transfer of information

  • Reduced conflict and misunderstanding

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