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Impacted Property
Rehabilitation & Reuse

Seamlessly integrating remediation and redevelopment

PathForward is a renowned provider of brownfield site redevelopment strategies, catering to clients from both the public and private sectors. Our comprehensive range of services encompasses site identification, investigation, and remediation, as well as design, permitting, and construction management. Our primary objective is to transform environmentally impacted properties into end uses that align with environmental stewardship, regulatory compliance, and stakeholder requirements.


We excel in addressing the complex challenges associated with brownfield redevelopment by employing efficient environmental remediation methods, along with geotechnical engineering solutions. Each brownfield site is approached individually, as we tailor our investigations, risk assessments, and remediation strategies to align with our clients' intended end use. We collaborate closely with stakeholders, including regulators, and developers,  to maximize the economic and social value of their sites. Throughout the development process, we ensure that all parties' concerns are addressed by providing consistent solutions and maintaining environmental management expertise in regulations, risk assessment, soil and groundwater remediation, soil vapor mitigation, geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering, as well as solid waste and environmental management.

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