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BKK Landfill

West Covina, California

Project Overview

The BKK Landfill is located in the southern portion of the City of West Covina, California (City), at the western end of the San Jose Hills. The site originally consisted of approximately 583 acres of rural land. The site now consists of Class I and Class III landfills of 190 and 160 acres, respectively, on the central portion of the property.

There are four major initiatives being performed – (1) activities for day-to-day OM&M of the various site systems (Essential Activities), (2) pre-design activities related to landfill and groundwater remedial actions (Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis, (3) Groundwater Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study, and, (4) Offsite Soil Vapor Investigation). The EE/CA and Groundwater RI/FS is being performed to address the following site systems – Landfill cover and stability; Landfill gas extraction; conveyance; monitoring and treatment; the Landfill leachate and condensate collection; conveyance, treatment, and disposal systems; and groundwater-related systems – and are being conducted by the BKK Working Group in accordance with the Second and Third Consent Decree (CD-2, CD-3) for the Landfill.

PathForward Consulting (PFC) has performed as the BKK Working Group’s lead project manager, contractor oversight PM, and DTSC technical interface. In this role PFC manages an onsite team of technical companies.

Project News

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