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Maxus Environmental Response Trust

Holt, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama

Trust Overview

In 2023, PathForward was chosen to act as Trustee, and will oversee operations, maintenance, and monitoring of the site, including management of vendors, reporting to beneficiary agencies, interaction with local municipalities and, if possible, sale/lease for beneficial reuse.

Site Description

The Site is located on approximately 10 acres of land adjacent to the Black Warrior River in Holt, Alabama.  Currently, the Site consists of the closed impoundment (slurry wall and multi-media cap); the groundwater treatment plant and associated extraction wells and piezometers; down-gradient monitoring wells; an up-gradient monitoring well; and a small office trailer. The Site is secured with a chain-link fence, and access to the Site is only available through the adjacent, operating chemical-production facility.



In the past, tall oil, cresylic acid, and 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4-D) have been manufactured at the Site. 


Regulatory Agencies Involved

  • Alabama Department of Environmental Management 

Project News

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