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About Our Logo

Our Story:  The Inspiration Behind PFC’s Name and Logo

The twentieth century saw a series of literal quantum leaps in scientific achievement, from Einstein’s annus mirabilis in 1905 to the harnessing of atomic power. As our understanding of the underpinnings of the universe changed, we needed to be able to communicate these fundamental changes to the world. One great communicator of the new physics was Professor Richard Feynman, whose eponymous diagrams graphically illuminated complex calculations describing the interaction of subatomic particles. 
At PathForward, we are inspired by Professor Feynmann’s ability to communicate complex and disparate ideas into accessible communications for audiences larger than the scientific community.  Our core business model is to forge a path forward for our clients by communicating effectively with all stakeholders involved in a project. We understand that navigating environmental issues in a dynamic and complex environment can be extremely daunting.  Our mission is to simplify intricate environmental challenges into straightforward solutions.  We assist industry leaders in making confident, strategic choices in a constantly changing and complex setting, all while promoting sustainable growth and delivering streamlined solutions.  
Our logo is adapted from the Feynmann diagram for the creation of the Higgs Boson, and is meant to show the harnessing of complexity to a clear path to success.

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