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Multiparty Superfund Remediation

Delivering integrated, technical solutions

At PathForward Consulting, we are committed to addressing and remedying environmental contamination through the multiparty Superfund remediation process. Our expertise lies in collaborating with stakeholders, facilitating site assessments, and implementing effective cleanup solutions.


We have serviced CERCLA and RCRA projects and have managed major Superfund projects around the country where the budgets for remediation often exceed $100MM’s. We are highly experienced and manage thousands of acres of multiparty remediation sites and have provided coordination and management services to Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) and single-party groups at hundreds of federal and state Superfund sites nationwide.

Integrated Services

Site Assessments

Our experienced team conducts thorough site assessments to identify and evaluate the extent of contamination. We employ advanced sampling and analysis techniques to determine the hazardous substances present and assess potential risks to human health and the environment.

Remedial Investigation/ Feasibility Study (RI/FS)

We perform comprehensive remedial investigations to further characterize contamination and evaluate feasible cleanup options. Our team conducts detailed feasibility studies that consider various factors, such as effectiveness, cost, and potential impacts, to identify the most suitable remedial actions.

Remedial Design/Remedial Action (RD/RA)

Using the findings from the remedial investigation, we develop detailed plans and specifications for the remediation design phase. Our team ensures that the selected remedial action aligns with regulatory requirements and industry best practices. We then implement the approved plans, utilizing appropriate techniques such as excavation, treatment, containment, or other remediation methods.

Long-Term Monitoring and Maintenance

We understand the importance of long-term monitoring and maintenance to ensure the effectiveness of the remediation efforts. Our experts establish monitoring programs, conduct regular sampling and analysis, and provide ongoing maintenance services. By closely monitoring the site, we can promptly address any emerging concerns and maintain the integrity of the remediated area.

Stakeholder Engagement and Community Involvement

We prioritize stakeholder engagement and community involvement throughout the remediation process. Our team actively communicates with affected parties, local communities, regulatory agencies, and other stakeholders. We organize public meetings, provide regular updates, and address concerns to foster transparency, collaboration, and trust.

Complex Legal and Regulatory Frameworks

Addressing environmental challenges involves identifying responsible parties, coordinating diverse stakeholders, grappling with limited funding for Superfund cleanups, and navigating technological uncertainties in remediation technology selection. All of these challenges demand a multifaceted and adaptive approach to safeguard the environment and ensure accountability.​

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