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Vernon Environmental
Response Trust

Former Exide Corporation Site, Vernon, California

Trust Overview

PathForward Consulting, via the Vernon Environmental Response Corporation (VERC), was appointed in 2020 by the bankruptcy court as Trustee of the Vernon Environmental Response Trust.  As Agent for VERC PathForward is responsible for managing the transition as Exide leaves the Vernon site and for overseeing the facility dismantling work, using limited funds provided by Exide as part of their bankruptcy settlement.
The facility decontamination and deconstruction work was completed with full enclosures to assure that stringent site perimeter air quality standards were met.
In 2022 the VERT completed the decontamination and reconstruction of the major industrial facilities at the site. The VERT currently holds title to the site and performs administrative functions in support of DTSC’s completion of remediation actions at the site.

Project News

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